Egirl: Controls and Input Devices

You can control Egirl using many types of input devices, including keyboard, gamepad, HTC Vive controller, and Oculus Remote.

XBox One Controller

Oculus Rift includes an XBox One wireless controller, and this is the recommended input device for Egirl. Any other USB gamepad will work with the same or similar button mappings.

XBox One Controller - Egirl button mappings

Each time you run Egirl, you'll need to open the Oculus desktop app first. If the Egirl loader says "no vr device detected", this indicates that the Oculus desktop app is not running or the Oculus Rift is not plugged in / turned on. If this occurs, please make sure the app is running, the Rift is plugged in and active, and restart Egirl.

HTC Vive Controller

The HTC Vive VR system comes with two controllers, and these have similar button mappings as a gamepad.

HTC Vive Controller - Egirl button mappings

Oculus Remote

You can use the Oculus remote for simple menu selection, but we recommend using a gamepad for more navigation control.

Oculus Remote - Egirl button mappings

Keyboard / Mouse Controls

Egirl VR supports standard keyboard fps (first person shooter) keyboard controls.

Key Function
w forward
s backward
a strafe left
d strafe right
Page-up increase height
Page-down decrease height
Enter select
Mouse click select
Mouse L/R turn
Mouse Up/down look up/down
r reset vr view
p toggle fps
q menu
esc menu