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EGirl 1.5 is the most advanced interactive 3d sex simulation software available for your high-end PC. EGirl offers the most advanced virtual 3d sex experience ever. The following is a list of EGirl's most impressive features:

Fully Interactive Experience
EGirl puts you in control of the action - through a question/answer interface, Alys or Maia ask you what you want, and you answer. The girls can be very accommodating (if you're nice enough to them :)

3D Camera Control
Become a virtual cinematographer, using the mouse to zoom and rotate the camera around the girl to get just the view you want. Or, let the computer control the camera with the click of a button.

Advanced 3D Graphics
Using state of the art OpenGL Pixel and Vertex Shaders, EGirl brings you the most realistic and life-like 3D girls you have ever seen.

Multiple One-on-One Sessions
EGirl 1.5 comes with two girls, the sweet Alys and sexy Maia. They have a lot in store for you in the 12 sessions (10 plus the demo) that come with EGirl 1.5. Alys and Maia will tantalize you with their sexy voices, in multiple virtual outfits, and will pleasure themselves with toys if you're nice enough! (toys in registered version only)

Male Character (v2.0 feature)
Coming in version 2.0, EGirl will include a male character - that's right, full-on male-female sex! You'll control the male to bring both characters to an amazing climax.

Exotic Background Environments
With EGirl 1.5, you'll see girls will be stripping in amazing virtual environments like an abandoned cathedral, a mountain cavern, a vine jungle, train tracks, and more! (registered version only)

Turbo Mode
Enabling turbo mode makes the girls talk less, and show more! In turbo mode, Alys or Maia bring out a 3D toy in every session! (registered version only)

DirectStim Mode
In DirectStim mode you control the dildo, dragging it on the screen to give the girls pleasure! (registered version only)

Screen Saver mode
You can even set EGirl as your Windows screen saver!

EGirl rides the leading edge of the recent wave of technological developments in the area of 3D computer graphics and realtime 3D rendering, for the most realistic virtual girl experience ever.

Hi-res 3d Models
The girls and their clothing are extremely detailed - zoom in really close to see for yourself... Alys alone weighs in at over 150,000 triangles!

Realistic Skeletal Animation
Alys and Maia are animated using hardware skeletal deformations and flesh simulation for the most life-like realtime animation possible to date.

Advanced 3D Shading
Using state of the art OpenGL Pixel and Vertex Shaders, EGirl brings you the most realistic and life-like 3D girls you have ever seen. The EGirl shaders use environment reflection maps, per-pixel bump-mapping, and a complex skin shader to make Alys look her best. This is the same technology as DX9 Shaders. EGirl 1.5 now also includes full-screen blur effects.

OpenGL 3D Rendering
EGirl uses OpenGL to render in any supported resolution, and supports fullscreen antialiasing, fps display for benchmarking, and shader detail user control. Works great with ATI Radeon and Nvidia Geforce FX and newer video cards.

Because EGirl uses leading-edge rendering technology, it requires advanced graphics hardware. At the core of the EGirl rendering engine is OpenGL and Pixel/Vertex Shaders. This technology is fairly new, so only newer video cards are compatible with EGirl. In general any DX9 compatible graphics card will work (ie NVidia Geforce FX, ATI Radeon 9500+). EGirl will also run in "simple graphics" mode with non-DX9 compatible graphics cards, with simplified shaders and models. Below are a list of system requirements for EGirl compatibility.

Minimum System Requirements
(Simple Graphics Mode)
1.5GHz+ CPU (AMD or Intel)
512MB+ RAM

NVidia Geforce 256 (or better)
ATI Radeon 8500 (or better)

1024x768 or higher display
16 bit sound card
Internet connection
Microsoft Windows XP
Recommended System
(Advanced Graphics Mode)
2.5GHz+ CPU (AMD or Intel)
512MB+ RAM

NVidia Geforce 8600 (or better)
ATI Radeon HD 2600 (or better)

1024x768 or higher display
16 bit sound card
Internet connection
Microsoft Windows XP

Video Card Compatibility and Performance
If you have an older PC, you will likely want to upgrade to a new DX9 compatible video card to get the best graphics and shader performance in EGirl. Fortunately, you have quite a list to choose from. In general the cheaper the card, the slower it will perform with EGirl. With some of the least expensive cards (Geforce FX 5200, Radeon 9600), you will likely need to turn down the resolution, fullscreen antialiasing level, and shader detail level, in order to maintain a usable (30+fps) frame rate.

You can purchase a nice graphics card for under $100, which will perform nicely with EGirl and all other DirectX games. Presently, a great choice is the Geforce 8600 or ATI Radeon HD 2600. Either will perform quite well with EGirl.

Finally, make sure your have the latest drivers for your video card, as the newest drivers tend to affect DX9 performance by a great measure:

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